Offshore Bank Accounts

Get the information you need from trusted banking and finance institutions so you can find an offshore account to suit your needs.

  • space space Lloyds Bank

    Lloyds Bank

    Notice or term Tier AER Gross Int paid Min - max investment Access
    None £100K-£2m 1.31%* 1.30%* Mly £100K-£2m Phone Internet

    Lloyds TSB International’s offshore bank accounts specially cater to clients with international needs, with dedicated staff and offices all around the world; expatriates can take pleasure in straightforward account access and service. Customers enjoy competitive interest rates, choice of currencies, security and protection, 24/7 internet and phone banking and no account opening fees.

  • space space Barclays


    Notice or term Tier AER Gross Int paid Min - max investment Access
    12 month fixed term £10K- £20m 2.75% 2.75% on maturity £10,000 or currency equivalent – £20,000,000 or currency equivalent Phone Internet Mail

    Barclays continues to provide their international customers security and peace of mind while managing their wealth and offshore bank accounts using 300 years of banking history and experience. With Barclays’ offshore saving options, expats can take pleasure in easy access to their accounts, choice of major denominations and Barclays’ global presence and dependable advice.

  • space space BNP Paribas Personal Investors

    BNP Paribas Personal Investors

    Notice or term Tier AER Gross Int paid Min - max investment Access
    None £19K+ Variable - on request Variable - on request Mly £19,000+ Phone Internet Mail

    BNP Paribas Personal Investors introduces benefits for wealth optimization and management specifically designed to appeal to expatriate needs, with high interest rates, instant global access to offshore bank accounts, choice of different currencies, reduced foreign exchange fees and automatic remuneration of invested savings. BNP Paribas Personal Investors tailored investment solutions ensures the satisfaction of their clients.

  • space space HSBC


    Notice or term Tier AER Gross Int paid Min - max investment Access
    None £5K+ 0.30% 0.30% Mly £5,000 - £500,00 Phone Internet Mail

    HSBC is dedicated to helping their clients while they move around the world so they can make the most of opportunities and effectively manage money in offshore bank accounts. As expat specialists serving clients in more than 200 countries, HSBC can provide reliable investment and foreign exchange solutions to maximize your wealth tailored to your current situation.

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